Volunteer Registration

New to LISD Account Credentials

Anyone NEW to Leander ISD wishing to volunteer must create a volunteer account and submit all required information to run a background check. Registrations will be reviewed and communication will be sent within 2-3 business days. Do not register again if you have  had a Volunteer account before.

Have You Registered Before?

If you registered as a volunteer last school year, or if you received an email from our volunteer system in the past 12 months You Already Have An Active Volunteer AccountYou DO NOT need to register again. In fact, all that will do is create more work to sort through your old and new registrations. Our system will notify you when to Re-Verify your volunteer profile and go through another background check.

Create a Username and Password for your volunteer account. These will be the credentials used to log-in to your account after you have been approved to volunteer. Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters, using letters and numbers only. Do not use any special characters or symbols.

By completing this registration process you acknowledge and agree that Leander ISD will run a criminal background check as a condition to approving you to volunteer. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree that the District may periodically re-run such criminal background checks as long as you continue volunteering in our schools. 

Account Credentials
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Please include your full name and email address.
Duplicate Username
Looks like your Username is already taken by another volunteer. If that's you then try signing in to your account. Use Forgot Password if you don't remember your account details. Otherwise, pick a different Username and try again.